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Friday, August 11, 2017

A Simple Elegant Monday Club wedding on a Thursday - Nelson & Angelica

                 This was a challenge     
                 A challenge that I met with lots of hours learning about another culture and the music and tradition that comes with performing at a wedding for a Bride and her family from Sweden and a Groom with roots from San Salvador and Mexico. 
                  Now, I grew up as a DJ playing southern California bilingual crowds and I love the ability to make people happy no matter what. (I also have the good fortune of being good friends with one of the best Bilingual DJ's on the planet, Javier Montes who has schooled me many times on how to build playlists for Spanish speaking groups) Thanks Suave
                 Now...... take all of that and add the fact that the Groom and his family are good friends of ours... and he was a music producer and DJ for many years and knows mixing and music as well as anyone. We even had live hip hop performance by the best man who is an up and coming flow master with a huge following.
                 Add to all of that that I was also the Officiant for these two, (a huge honor that I don't take lightly) and don't do very often and I was a nervous wreck, this had to be perfect, no points for second. This was a lot to take in as a DJ :) But I got this and it turned out awesome. 
               The ceremony was so cool, just simple and perfect. So... with that done, here we went.
The playlists were all over the map Cumbia, Merenge, Swedish Rock, Swedish dance pop, American Hip Hop & R&B, 70's & 80's just everything. 
              What I Loved most was seeing two completely different groups of people blending cultures, families and futures all in a night where the whole point was to be there to celebrate this couple.. and did they ever. 
                 Once again I'll say it, The team was the glue that made this great event go. Thanks Nelson Jr. and Angela, Loved it and you.  

Here's the team that made this happen:
Music, Lighting, Officiant, and DJ .... Dj Bob
Photography - Jillian Parks (The pics below are from my phone hers are much
Food and Service Staff - Phil's Catering
Venue / Location - The Monday Club
Day Of Coordination - Anne Johnson Events
Live Musical performance - Ivan Cestoni

Friday, July 21, 2017

Pepper Tree Ranch on a Thursday in July. Daniel & Julia... Wow!

     Daniel and Julia are this fun, crazy and cool couple who had an idea about what they wanted and didn't stop until they had it perfect. "Fun with Style" is our company motto but they nailed it. One of the best parts of the day was how relaxed and easy going they were. They were able to experience the day almost like a guest, taking it all in and feeling everything from the food (Ribline Catering...yum ) and tear filled toasts to the wild dance party at the end. I know, A DJ's blog is supposed to sound like that but.... it was awesome and It went off! So fun and so crazy. CCWP Photographer (Dana Hodgskinson) was all over it (these are clearly not her images, they're all from my phone) and they had a great local coordinator (Kirsten Farnsworth 805-550-1329) and her crew who were the glue for the whole event.
     This was my first event at a big Central Coast venue called Pepper Tree Ranch working with their "on site" Hannah (she rules) and her team. They've built one of the most beautiful settings you could ever ask for in San Luis Obispo, Ca. The style is the key, the event spaces are stunning with one of the nicest barns we've seen that has a large covered patio for dancing or whatever. They added another pavilion style covered event space on the East side and a Huge grass area for tented events on the West. That's not all, They also have a 1200 square foot tree house style deck and a huge grass area set up for the perfect cocktail party. Now that's enough to make you love it but add a small lake with a platform and arch over looking it for ceremonies and Dang!
      Great Weddings start with a vision that is created by a Bride, a great venue, a coordinator and team of pro's who take that vision and make it happen, this day was all of that. On a Thursday!.....Loved it!! Thank You to Daniel & Julia for letting us be part of it.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Niki & Justin Got Married at The Casitas of Arroyo Grande. "Be Humble, Sit Down" :)

     The Casitas Estate is something really different and that's why Niki & Justin chose this beautiful private place for their wedding day. Pat & Tony Goetz the owners are hands on and very caring people. The vibe is wine country but not winery, private but not lost in farm fields and looks out over the Arroyo Grande Valley with foothills all around.
     The Bride & Groom chose classical guitar versions of modern songs for the prelude to the ceremony giving it a classic style with a twist. Then when it was time, professional coordinator Janet Tacy from Sandcastle Celebrations gave us the "Go" for the Bride to come down the isle, she chose Train's "Marry Me" which was about as perfect as it could be for the moment and the Bride. I loved that the Officiant quoted Kendrick Lamar to the guests as he began the tear filled ceremony by saying Welcome... "Be humble... Sit down" Afterwards they headed out to the recessional song "You are the best thing" by Ray Lamontagne, so perfect.. nailed it!
      After dinner the dance party was so crazy I didn't want it to end. They went off to mainstream, oldies, hip hop and dance right up to the very end. This was a great start for a sweet couple who Thanked their guests with tears in their eyes and started their life together. This was an amazing day and like we always say, it's all about your team, surround yourself with great people and your wedding will rule, This one did and so did this couple :) -Dj Bob  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

June at Ragged Point Inn, Big Sur. McKenna & Dustin Got Married!

An early wedding at The Ragged Point Inn...Stunning View doesn't even begin to describe it. This place is so beautiful sometimes it stops you in your tracks. You are driving up the famous Hwy. 1 to get to the last stop before the road closes, it's June 17th, it's 75 or 80 and the sky is clear and beautiful, that alone would make you want to go. I got to be the DJ for this couple in this place on that day with almost no wind (rare in that spot) People danced, drank and had a blast with all the "stuff" we do at a wedding in 2017. Loved it and got to work with fellow CCWP member Flowers By Kim and when you check the images you'll see why she's one of the best on The Central Coast. Also got to work with Rad photographer Amanda and her crew from Heartsfoto Thanks McKenna and Dustin! Loved It 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Brittney & Matt Got Married at The Grace Maralyn - DJ Bob

               I wanted to share this fantastic Wedding for a couple of reasons, one because it was a couple that just made people around them feel amazing. They were country, classic rock, mainstream dance, all party and all fun! One of the highlights of the day for me was a couple in their 80's (Her Grandparents) who snuck into the barn during cocktail hour and danced song after song together just cuz they could. We should all be that lucky. I also want you to see a venue done right, not huge, not a Money show kind of venue, just Lots of heart and they take care of their clients in a huge way. It's details, it's effort and it's with class, they are what we mean when say "Fun with Style" Check this day out, so cool. Once again, a wedding that proved what we've been saying forever, Your wedding "Team" is everything, this was a great group of pro's from all over and the day shined :)         -DJ Bob

Pro Wedding Credits: 
The Venue: The Grace Maralyn Estate and Gardens, 
The Coordination: Lindsey Lacey
The Catering: Mcgee's Catering 
The Photographer: Hearts Photo 
The Videographer: Santa Barbara Wedding Films
 The DJ / MC sound and lighting: DJ Bob