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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday Night / Saturday Morning with Mission Prep

The creative way the boosters and parents put together last nights event was really cool. They opened up Kennedy Sports Fitness metro-plex for the kids at around 10:45 and The Mission Prep graduating seniors came to enjoy with a full casino experience, photo booth from Mike Larson  ....,  
on-site artists doing Henna tattoo's, caricatures and local business' gave more prizes than we've ever seen at a event like this. We mixed until 4-am and then gave away gifts to the Seniors until 5am. Brett at Kennedy Club Fitness was amazing in his support of the kids as always. http// 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday's a great day for DJ'n at Madonna Inn

We spent a night with I.L.P. and the Foster Kids as they celebrated the High School graduation of some of the strongest "kids" I've ever met. Every year we donate several events to groups like C.a.s.a and Foster kids. Along with us was the Photo booth king himself SnapCubby. The kids had a blast taking photo's of themselves in the coolest retro booth you've ever seen. The rest of the night was Dancing like a mini club at Madonna Inn. It's easy when the kids are so cool, they're all faced with challenges we couldn't begin to imagine and yet they work for their own future. I feel blessed just to be part of this event, Thank You Guy's. ..... If you want to check out how cool the photo booth was, it's at

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hitting the streets!

Any day is a good day, but especially when you can go out and build new blocks in your own business. I have two very cool friends who are taking huge steps towards their future, by going into the restaurant and bar business for themselves. I can't tell you much at this point but let's just say, I am so jealous and happy for them. Now, back to today, meeting with brides and grooms, going out to see a couple local event managers and meeting with our buddy Kevin Linson at signs in Slo.   to set up our new branding and promotion set up! I'm even dragging DJ Chris from Bailey Dj's with me
This is a good DAY!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


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DJ Bob's Event Blog

DJ Bob's Blog,
This is the first entry for our new blog and we're excited to begin blogging away about our very busy wedding business. We did over 50 weddings last year and have seen a slightly lower number of events this season but have had the best events of our career. .......................OK... Here we go!
The last event we did was a very cool Wedding for Amy and Carl from The L.A. area at Alisol Ranch Golf Resort in Solvang. This was our first visit to this venue and the food was as good as any we've ever had at an event. The staff was awesome and Susan the coordinator was "On it" in a word ///awesome. the song of the night? OMG = Usher. The event ran over because we just couldn't stop, what a party! Dancing under the stars .... Loved every minute of this huge event.