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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Durell and Juan Carlos, September 18th at Kaleidoscope Inn

                   This is one of the events where there is no good reason for it to be awesome but it just We were put behind schedule due to circumstances after a very nice ceremony in the gardens at the B&B and which would normally be bad but somehow it didn't matter. The guests just rolled with us throughout the day and when we started the dancing..... It went off!!! The flowers for the day were done by our buddy Jessica from "Flowers to you by Jessica" and her crew.... again.... awesome! Now, here's the part I'm most proud of, The crowd was about 50% spanish speaking and 50% percent english. We played, Mainstream hits, hip hop, Club, Banda, Cumbia, Norteno and even spanish rock. It has been some time since I worked with DJ Javier Montes ( He's is an incredible DJ both in English and Spanish) but I value that time like no other, He taught me the basics of how to play for a Spanish speaking crowd and what to look for when I have a crowd like this, We always take pride in respecting the cultural heritage of the families at our events but this was exceptional. Both Families had a blast and I left there smiling myself. Looking Glass Photography captured the whole thing with their very cool style. This event "Went Off" for no good reason....except the vendors who held it all together

April and Ranier, August 27th, 2011 at Still Waters

               Crazy Fun, that's how I would describe it from start to finish it was an absolute joy. The funny thing about this one was the number of guests in the crowd who had been our clients in past seasons. I felt all warm and Still Waters Vineyards was the setting and once again I absolutely love this venue it is, in a word "Beautiful". They chose a modern classical vibe for the ceremony prelude music playing while guests took their seats overlooking the vineyard. I'm including a photo from their day just to give you an idea how cool this really was. April flowers ( as always ) did another wonderful job with the flowers and Steve Udell was our photographer. Steve, Thank You for doing your thing and being so very easy to work with, I really appreciated your style my friend. The music was a mix of Mainstream top 40, Classic Rock and even a little country. The dancing was insane and fun and I enjoyed it as much as they This bride and Groom were just awesome people, they both have jobs that show how much they care about people and what comes around came back around to them with a wedding anyone would be proud of. I saw April after the day had ended as we were packing up and she had tears in her eyes, She told me with a hug how they were tears of happiness, I know it's corny but dang I loved that.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amber and Kevin ...Aug. 24th at Ventana , Pismo Beach, Ca.

Really nice people do find each-other.... Eric found Amber and they decided to get married in Pismo Beach at the ocean front venue Ventana Grill. The locals know Ventana as one of the busiest and most beautiful Ocean front venues in our area, and the food is absolutely incredible. I had the pleasure of being there for the ceremony with officient PAUL HOWELL once again capturing the emotion of the moment and then we went on to the reception with a Black and Yellow theme that was very cool and different. The guests were treated to one of the too cool color coordinated candy tables once again (LOVE THOSE) done to perfection by FLOWERS TO YOU BY JESSICA along with of course beautiful flowers. The photography was done by another of the great local photographers, KEN KIENOW and his Associate KELSEY. They have this easy very fun way of capturing the event without overwhelming it, and the never ending smile on their faces makes working with them just as fun as it can be. We look for other vendors who have the Bride and Groom at heart all the time, they absolutely do. The party went on until 11 pm and was full of different musical styles, ELVIS, REGGAE, HIP HOP, OLD-SCHOOL and even some COUNTRY music to keep everyone involved and having fun. We only had one noise complaint, but it was a

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Libby and Jim, August 21st, MacAurther Air Force Base, Los Angeles

A warm Saturday Night in Los Angeles set the scene for this Bride and Groom and 130 of their friends and family. We set the ceremony over looking the Harbor in front of Cabrillo Beach where enemy planes once flew by to sound of antiaircraft fire from this base in 1942. The green grass we set up on was perfectly manicured as was every inch of the Historic Air Force Base. The prelude was completely Hawaiian right down to the clothes we all wore that day with lots of traditional and modern Hawaiian music. Huge ships were going by all night and It felt like being transported back in time to the 40's with the buildings essentially as they were then and the incredible air of the location feeding the emotion of the day. The reception followed an incredible meal done on-site by "Er-Hart's By The Sea" with laughter, cocktails and dancing to a very progressive dance floor mixed with classics and even some cool old school jams we dusted off just for this event. We mixed until they made us say good night at 11 with lots of dancing and festivities. This Bride and Groom introduced me to an artist that I want everyone to hear, EKOLU. Incredible singer song-writer with the Island vibe these two love so much. This was a great Day in L.A. and I was really happy to be DJ for these two,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

ROXAN & STERLING Aug 13th, 2011 at Creekside Farms, Paso Robles.

I almost fell over when this Bride wanted us for her wedding. See, she has the distinction of being in this industry and has been the event Mgr. and coordinator at Eagle Castle Winery for a long time. She has seen or worked with hundreds of DJ's over the years and it's no small compliment that she wanted us. He (The Groom) is also at Eagle Castle but he is the Winemaker and a person who has a passion for all things fermented. (He even made the beer for the reception....yum) They have an amazing history together having met while studying abroad in Australia. This weekend two adventurous, fun, totally alive people had the wedding day everybody wants when they start making their plans. A warm friendly ceremony was the beginning of the day, a summer day with the DJ under a tent on the lawn at this new location. The venue is a wine-country B&B that has a great perspective in customer service and quality. They have beautiful large Pond and more photo op locations than our Photographer Lindsay Hahn could ask for. Chef Garret from Robert's Restaurant presented a wonderful seated and plated meal with a full staff of servers. This was my first time working with him and it was awesome! Flowers by Kim, just nailed it... it was a perfect reflection of this Bride and Groom. ...............Mixing with a dance-floor under the stars and a nearly full moon on a clear night, packed with people having a blast who would have gone all night if we let them. ......:) What? It was DJ Bob

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marsha & Gregg, August 9th at Margo Dodd and Biddle Park.

Weddings are subjective, not everyone agrees with that but I know they are. Everyone thinks they know what the Bride and Groom want and you don't. Marsha and Greg wanted the "beautiful beach" ceremony  and they got that, easy so far right? Then we went to the reception where WE were the only vendor. Strange but ok, they really put a value on the DJ. See, sometimes things change, sometimes you plan for a huge day with lots of money invested in a big start for your life together..... and then things change, life..., job...., people. They had to call the ball on every part of their day and We got to be there for all the dances, the dinner, the everything. The dance party was great with old school, 90's R&B and mainstream dance music. This bride and Groom would have been happy with the expensive day, but who wouldn't.... what we did yesterday was way more than that.... I think more important and probably more real......    

Cynthia and James at "The Jack House" August 7th, 2011

On a Sunday afternoon, Sunny with a breeze, Cynthia and James had a small and absolutely personal Wedding. The food was very important to them and they wanted true Italian. Guiseppe's catering was brought in and is of course one of our all time picks for "Best Ever". A stupid chicken should never taste so good that you just can't believe you're eating it, but it did and don't get me started on the specialty bread. Great Wine from local wineries flowed as we played traditional italian music for the dinner hour. We talk about vendors all the time here, but on a Sunday afternoon? The list was awesome! Starting with (once again) The legend Barbara Koenig officiating the ceremony, Penny Beavers played an art deco 1932 Gold Leafed Harp on the lawn. We also got to work with Al and Jane from Bella Castle Photography, They are always fun, always easy to work with and hilarious. We had a small dance floor with a classic rock crowd and wrapped the night with Eric Clapton as we watched the Bride and Groom drive off in a Zo6 Corvette.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Brad and Jenn at Lago Guiseppe Aug 6th, 2011

If you pay attention at all, you know we love the new venue Lago Guiseppe in Paso Robles. We also think of it as a stunningly beautiful location. However, when we went to do this event, Lago went up even higher on the cool scale. The Bride and Groom were from Seattle area and wanted the perfect Day, Someone up stairs was listening apparently because we've never seen a more beautiful day. Warm with just a hint of a breeze turned into the night of any Brides Dreams. The ceremony included songs from Coldplay, Duke Ellington and even a custom edit I mixed of a Tempertrap song. The ceremony was done by a Legend in this area, Barbara Koenig, she did a great job piloting us through the vows that included both tears and laughter. The Cocktail hour was highlighted by signature drinks and a mix of 40's and early 50's vocal Jazz with a twist of rat pack thrown in.... sooo coool. The Pictures were done by another of our picks for best ever, Ashley Blake photography. She's fun, she's cool and she's modern with an eye for the shot that makes the Bride and Groom in to the art. Then came the food, another wow and another of our picks for Best Ever. Trumpet Vine Catering did a plated and seated steak dinner that was one of the best meals I've tried at any wedding. The music is exactly what I hope to see for weddings in the future, they wanted something more modern and progressive mixed with some classic jams but not the typical wedding stuff. We used everything from Martha and the Vandells to LMFAO and Usher. The dance floor stayed packed to the end and was the highlight of my week. Thank You Brad and Jenn ............N I C E.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jessica and Ben, July 31st at Eagle Castle Winery

Ok, sometimes when you do weddings, You can forget why we do this. This Bride and Groom reminded me of just how fun it is to be a DJ. It started in front of the castle doors with a ceremony done by a Rabbi, with the whole thing draped under a HUPA and ending with a glass being broken. The cocktail hour was up stairs on a deck overlooking the Paso Wine Country all around it with a great Vocal Jazz / Rat Pack soundtrack playing in the background. We invited all the guests to join us in the main ball room later and even the Grand Entrance & introductions took on a life of their own as we had information about each wedding party member given to us by the Bride and Groom. Dinner was soooooo gooood  seated and plated with Salmon, steak and chicken options for every guest (and 1 The cake cutting was done with a full size real sword .... perfect for use in a We used the round foyer of the castle as a personal Night Club and danced as long as we could go. The last song of the night was "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton and their coordinator Roxanne and her Crew could not have done better job. The Photography was done by our bud April Wise and her crew and We had a blast. Such a sweet Bride and a Groom who really showed how he felt about her throughout the night. Loved It

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ashley and Paul, July 30th at Kaleidoscope Inn

This season can be summed up with two words, "perfect weather". The ceremony was in a gazebo surrounded by green plants, yellow flowers and gold draping. WOW....What a beautiful day in a Victorian Garden with one of the coolest color schemes I've ever seen at any wedding ever. Now, I'm not a decorator, I'm a DJ...... we see every color, every event and it's usually nice, but this time it was striking. Jessica from "Flowers to You by Jessica" was given Yellow, Dark Silver and a a blue green color to work with and she hit a total home run. OK don't laugh......  I was even stopped in my tracks by the candy table, it was the most beautiful thing I've ever Great Job there FTYBJ. After dinner catered by "The Bayou House" we hosted the traditions including one of the funniest "Father Of the Bride" speeches I've ever heard and moved on to a night of dancing under the stars. The format was so fun with classic Motown, top-40 dance music and just rocked until the end of the night. We really enjoyed the easy going  happy style of this Bride and Groom and it reflected in every part of their day. Making it completely about the Bride and Groom is easy when you like them this much, Thank You Paul and Ashley....

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scott and Sarah at Alisol Ranch Golf Resort, Solvang, Cal. July 24th

We love to travel to other areas and when we got the call to do this event in the Danish Village of Solvang which is closer to Santa Barbara than Us, the Bride and Groom were sooo nice and easy going I assumed they were here on the Central Coast. The truth is, they and their guests were all from the east coast, specifically New York and New jersey. The connection was made by a wonderful coordinator at Alisol Ranch named Susan who referred us and it was a great fit. (especially since unbeknown to her, I was born in upstate New York) After tons of on-line planning and a one time meet and greet we were just flat out excited to see this event get here. Perfect weather mixed with a stunning golf course setting was all we needed to make this party happen, both families were just awesome to be around. The meal was flat Iron Steaks and Salmon which were just incredible. Jonathan from Blue Photography from the Central Coast was along on this one and this guy is a party in and of himself, but the two of us together are a force, we have a great time every time we work together. What a great change of pace and a very warm, happy Wedding Day. Thanx again to the staff at Alisol and especially to Scott & Sarah.... You two are how it's supposed to be. :)

Danielle and Josh, July 23rd at Lago Guiseppe, Paso Robles, Ca.

Our first event at a new venue is sometimes a challenge but not this time, Lago Guiseppe was a stunning place for this event. Tucked in the wine country hills of Paso Robles this property consists of rolling hills covered with ancient Oak trees and two beautiful green grass areas which roll all the way to a lake which shimmers in the background as you take your vows. The reception space is on one of those areas and is bordered by a huge live music stage and room for lots of people. How you configure the space is up to you, and Joe, Janine and their crew are wonderful Hosts who stay on site and really seem to care about their clients. Danielle and Josh were a young couple who seem to have it all and when he sat down in front of all of the guests to sing a song just for her, you could see the emotion in her eyes. We wrapped the night with tons of dancing and sparkler filled fair-well down the path to a waiting limo. I'm really happy to say I now have another venue to recommend in paso and you can read more in a few weeks, we'll be back doing another event there in August. The food was done by the always fun Popolo catering, the video was done by Fig Leaf Productions who were very easy to work with and very professional, and I can't say enough about the warm personal touch put on the whole event by the staff at Lago Guiseppe...... Great Job and Thanx!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kenzie & Jeff, July 17th at Santa Margarita Ranch

Sometimes we get very attached to our clients, this was one of our favorite of the season so far. Santa Margarita ranch is a Central Coast wedding venue like no other. The outside ceremony was just awesome and really showed the sense of humor these two have, especially when The Star Wars Theme was the entrance music for the Minister and the Groom. Then we went inside to the reception, There are some amazing Barn and Ranch venues here but this property has a history that just pulls you in, from the Pony Express station and the Native Indian village that once existed on site, to the main Asistencia which is a relic of the Mission era here in California where they host receptions inside the walls of a time long gone. This is just the beginning, but let's talk about another of those vendor lists which makes you "See" an event before, during and after every aspect of the day. A Beautiful Bride who loves her family and wanted the wedding day of her dreams, put together a list which included "Bayou House Catering",  another of our favorite photographers was present.... Katie Disimone, She makes life so easy for the other vendors by just being herself, easy going and fun with a constant smile on her face. We also got to work with CJN event planning and they nocked it out of the park (again). Jamie and Chris worked with Alex the Site Rep to cover every detail and I know they have the right coordinator when they're the last one's there being sure every detail is handled and worry free for the Bride and Groom. The dancing? ohhhh yea.... well they did have DJ

Monday, July 18, 2011

Greg and Renee at Avila Beach Golf Resort, July 16th, 2011

   When we sat down with Greg and Renee to talk about their big day, the main thing that came out of it was their love for 80's music and their desire to have FUN. They started the day with a beautiful ceremony over looking the ocean and the weather was sunny and warm at the beach. Linda Renfrow was the coordinator and Jeff Peters did a great pre-reception live Guitar set. As we moved into the tent, the music was decidedly fun even during the background. If you are reading this and planning a wedding, remember, the background music sets the mood and vibe for the entire night ...keep it fun. After dinner we went from tears and laughter during the toast, to the 1st dance, to a re-creation of the 1st dance for The Brides Mom and Dad that never happened when they were married. Then .......a full on dance party which could have gone all night with every 80's classic cut and even some new dance jams mixed in. What a Party! Thanx Avila and Thanx Greg and Renee.  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rachelle and Tommy - July 9th at a Private Estate in the HIlls

When you bring in everything to do a wedding for over 175 guests at a private estate which is over looking the top of Morro Bay Rock, for a bride who is so beautiful she can only be described as elegant, it's a big job. The When the estate is an avocado farm on the top of hill, off the power grid, with a mile long switch-back concrete driveway, its a BIG JOB.. and you need a coordinator who knows how go big. Amy Northcote from "Fancy's Events" was the person who got the call. She got a vendor list together which would make any Bride feel good about herself and went to work. .........The Ceremony was under a beautiful Oak, with a family friend and Well known Judge presiding over the affair. The warmth and insite he put into it was just perfect. This was our second event in a row with guitarist Johnathan Sorbello, this guy is remarkable and so talented, he played both guitar and violin during the prelude & ceremony with the recessional played live by the band "JD Project" as both a teaser for the reception and an insite into the rest of the night. The flowers were done so well for this event, I gained a whole new respect for someone I've worked with many times. Jenny Mcniece and her staff took this hill top estate and gave it the understated look of modern country. After cocktails and photographs we were treated to famous Food brought in all the way from Santa Inez and prepared by Cowboy Catering. Then, the band and I got to work. Now......I've spent my career working (when asked) with bands from all over. This band kicked some serious dance floor, THE JD PROJECT and I switched off sets all night and kept it going till the fog and Midnight wrapped us up. This was going big, done right.

June 25th, Amanda & Derek at Sea Crest & Madonna Inn

                     Almost two years ago, we booked an event, Ceremony at The Sea Crest Resort and Reception at Madonna Inn. The plans were in the works until God stepped in and a traffic accident in Chicago made the plans a year longer and much more difficult. We finally got to be there as these two said "I DO" on the Cliff overlooking the Ocean in Shell Beach, California. From start to finish, this was a beautiful event. The Sea Crest staff ( thanks Nicole ) did a wonderful job with the ceremony and the hand-off to ( Kristen ) and the staff at Madonna Inn was smooth and easy. When we walked into the reception area we were stopped in our tracks by the up-lighting, (Bailey Decor Up-lighting) Wow. Michael and Marcia were the photographers and were part of a great team of vendors. This was the one that could have been a lot of things, a tragedy not being the least of them, instead it was just as planned and just beautiful.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sarah & Jimmy, June 18th, 2011 @ Robert Hall Winery

I'm Lucky, I am used to working with great, professional wedding vendors. People who will do whatever it takes for the Bride and Groom. The difference is rarely more evident than when the events are tested by things beyond anyone's control. I'll start with Jenny Mcniece Flower goddess. The wind was blowing and Cold when we all arrived for set up. She has a way of making flowers look like art that is always "WOW"... Wind does not work for WOW.....She and her staff stayed on site, and held it all together with Amy and her crew from Fancy's events. I usually don't spend this much time talking about other vendors but check this list , Fancy's events-coord, Cameron Ingalls - Photo, Epic / Catering Unlimited, Rich Fergueson - (The Entertainer just being his awesome self), and then add Shutter booth ...wrap it up with The Cakery and then Take all of this and put it at Robert Hall Winery.... and you have the makings of one incredible WOW. As a DJ you want every Bride to have this kind of Day. It started with "The Entertainer" at the Cocktail party. With very little pomp and circumstance he simply amazes people, a definite WOW. The dance floor lasted till the very last second under the stars of the Amphitheater. A huge Gobo pattern of light showed their Initials & first names on the dance floor where we placed it give it the theatrical look Brides love these days. Romantic? yes, Class in every detail? yes, Happy B&G ......YES .............WOW!  

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alexis and Wade @ Holland Ranch 6.11.11

Holland Ranch,..... Paradise ...., that's what you have to call it. Beautiful hills all around, A lone white horse grazed in the pasture beyond what looked like a movie set of Horse stables surrounded by green grass in the acres of land rolling out below us. The pond of all ponds just asking for a fishing pole and some swim time. Now put a permanent arch looking over the surrounding vista and add a Bride and Groom with 125 +- guests. A very sunny day, with a cool breeze off of the ocean. The style was a very modern, "very class" country vibe. The guests were very fun and rolled with us as we spun Country, Rock, Top 40 and old-school party music. The food was great as PACIFIC HARVEST Catering rocked our second event in a row with them. (their gourmet mac & cheese ohhhhhh-yeeaaaaa.) The Cake was RED VELVET and Carrot from CHRISTINES CAKES. Jamie from Holland Ranch coordinated the whole thing perfectly, The photographers CHRISTIAN PERRERA and crew were just the perfect match for the event ,very easy to work with and an amazing product. I'll say it again, when plans don't go the way you expect, the smile on your face is more important than ever. This Bride was special and when you heard Her new husband talk about her you just new, he gets it. I felt like I was watching the start of a great story, and to say the least a great marriage.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chelsea & Nick, June 4th @ Atascadero Lake Pavillion

A rainy day, one of the coolest Brides ever and a party which even surprised us. We began the day with a clothes malfunction (ripped the seam out of my pants) but after a quick trip by My Wife Shannon and a lot of jokes .... the event was awesome. The ceremony was warm and happy with tears and a couple who clearly loved each other. Then we began the reception with 100 or so guests and lots of surprises to come. The toast was part hilarious speech and part emotional roller coaster but it was all good. The dancing started with a full dance floor and stayed that way until the end of the night. We really appreciated the positive comments and hugs at the end of the event and went home just feeling awesome. It needs to be said that this Bride could have fallen apart with bad weather and some bumps along the way, but she was all smiles and just as fun and happy as she could be. Take a note future Brides, you can only do so much, then you relax say "I DO" and trust the vendors you hire to make it work. This was a great night for a great couple. Pacific Harvest did a great job on the food and catering, the Pics were done by the very cool Sarah Kathleen Photography. : )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jeff & Leah, May 28th at The Dana Powers House

This is what being a DJ is all about. Every once in awhile all the time, effort and planning just works. It doesn't hurt that the Bride and Groom were two of the best looking human beings I've ever We were set for a beautiful outside ceremony at the Dana Powers House, a really beautiful property and barn venue in Nipomo, Ca. The sun was shining and a cool breeze rolled across the beautiful farm land all around us. After the ceremony the reception was set inside the adjacent Barn which was to say the least, set up for a beautiful modern country wedding day. The flowers were perfect thanks to Flowers by Denise. The decor was stunning and the DJ was me. Now knowing how much I pride myself on the details I was horrified when I managed to mix up the order of the Grand Entrance, the Bridal party reacted in the most hilarious way possible, they would reshuffle in a hurry as soon as I said their names and the guests were laughing the whole time. The food was Done by Cypress Ridge Catering (with an appearance by a great ol' friend Stephan in the kitchen) We also had the good fortune of working with Lindsey Hahn photography who is awesome. The dance floor was packed and I pushed my new sound system to the sweet spot, (The point where any more sound would just be :) Special Thanks to Judy at Dana Powers House, she's one of the people in this business you just have to love working with. I know sometimes we make this biz seem like it's all good, but when the Client gets it sooo right with vendors, location and everything...... it's Fun with Style.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I.L.P. Graduation at Madonna Inn...... May 25th

We really try to do anything we can to help Non-profit groups who help kids. Tonight was the 3rd year in a row that we have been involved with Independent living which gives kids a chance to make independent steps forward in their lives. These are Foster kids, and the I.L.P. combines with Family Care Network, S.L.O. County probation, a ton of support from sponsors including Us, Caldwell Construction and so many more I can't remember. The night consisted of Awards, Dinner and Dancing. We even rented a small up-lighting system and with some help from Dan and Andy at Grand Central Music because of a delay in set up time, we were able to give them the same kind of vibe we shoot for at any event. Fun with style. Then we mixed good ol' Stanky leg, blow the whistle, this place is bout to blow.... jams for about 20 minutes at the end. Aaron's house, know whoo you are, I'll party with you crazy manics any time! .... Fun Night with great people

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CASA "Ladies Night Out" at Cafe Roma.... May 17th

Joining forces with a wonderful charity "CASA", a crazy fun group of movers "MEATHEAD MOVERS" and one of the best restaurants in San Luis Obispo, CAFE ROMA we created a high energy dance party that could have gone all night. Once again the event was sold out, and once again it was off the hook. Why did we do it? because it's one of our favorite charities and a group who helps kids at a time when they are usually forgotten, pushed through the system. So.... money to help kids, killer raffle tickets and prizes, Lots of crazy ladies and dancing? The most fun you will ever have doing good. If you do anything next season ladies, get tickets to this event... what a party! ............Thanks Again Aaron Steed, NICE CARTWHEEL.


Happily, It is now official,(nope, no one got married for this one),,,,,, but we are now members of the family of businesses known as THE CENTRAL COAST WEDDING PROFESSIONALS. We are excited and can't wait to see what being part of the largest group in our area will be like. :) This is like in High School when I got to sit at the table with the cool

May 15th at Avila Beach Resort, Michael and Shelley

OK......... Got a call about a wedding. Not strange in our world, But... It was Thursday and the Bride set an appointment for Friday to set up her Day,,, SUNDAY! .... These two were hilarious, A Superior Court Judge form another area presided over their ceremony looking out over the water in Avila. We should all have their attitude. They aren't 20, and this wasn't their first rodeo, but they Love each-other as much or more than any couple I've ever met. We set them up and got them a cake person "Christine's Cakes" who we knew would come through in flying colors, and she did. To give you an example of the bride and groom's connection, they never talked about a 1st dance (and didn't have a song picked out) so I suggested they each choose a song for the other. Well, they were completely blown away and in tears when they realized that both had chosen the same song (all be it by different artists) without knowing it. This was an understated, relaxed wedding with style and class. We played Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and even Sammy Davis, loved it. I left the event pretty sure this was one of the events we got just right..... in two Congrats GILL's

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vanessa & Toby at May 14th at Kaleidescope Inn

A small but fun wedding today with a big mix of locals and people from back east. We had amazing weather and the Bride's Mom was also the officiant for a very personal, warm ceremony. Even though later the wind began to put a chill in the air, people were so nice and very supportive of the Bride and Groom. The garden setting was really cool around sun-down and everyone left with big smiles and Cow-Boy Cookies as a sweet topper for the day. Mike and Marcia were the photogs, Bayou House did the catering and Shutter Bug did the photo booth. All in all it was a low key but very personal event, really nice people and a good day to be a DJ.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jamie & Monica May 7th @ Camp San Luis Obispo Officers Club

The Officers Club was Lit up with chains of white and streaks of bright color from the blue up-lighting. The Bride and Groom both had tears in their eyes as they met at the alter in the Base church. An acapella singer did the most amazing version of The Judds' country classic "Love is Alive" this DJ has ever heard. When our clients have singers I usually cringe and wait for the pain, but this was just incredible. (Carla, you need to do that for a living) The guests were treated to a huge reception with home made treats on every table as well as great food from "Sea Shanty",  We were hoping for a long wild night of partying .... lol but every event is different and after a long day (over 7 hours) The night wrapped up with lots of hugs and happy Thank You's. Special Thanks to Cindy from The Officers Club, Great Job! 

Heidi and Steve, April 30th @ Kaleidescope Inn

I had the experience of being the Music and Host for this event at one of our favorite B&B venue's. There were over 30 active military people in attendance as the Groom was active Air-Force. Heidi and Steve had the weather we all dream about sunny and warm but not hot. The ceremony was also warm and personal like so many here on the Coast, I don't know what it is that brings that out but I'm glad it does. The Bride and Groom laughed at all of my stupid jokes and when the dancing started, it was on. I put my head down and mixed for the time we had and the boys (and some finished the night with big ol' stogies. This was a good day to be a DJ  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Carolina & Gustavo @ Eagle Castle Winery, April 22

Well, I promised you something completely different. Imagine this, a guest count around 125 which included people from all over the world. Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, & Peru just to name a few. The Bride and groom (the whole group for that matter) were so good looking it was almost intimidating. Now stage this at the Romantic Castle setting of Eagle Castle Winery, add in a great coordinator (Roxan) and let them go until 2AM. The rain came and went, but everything was perfect for the ceremony. The cocktail hour went smoothly and once the dancing began, it was a huge mix of  American top-40, cumbia, banda, salsa, spanish rock, Argentinian cumbia, and did I mention the Bi-lingual DJ who was paid to be there with me had No-showed? This may seem like a recipe for disaster but here's the kicker, it went amazing. I consulted by phone with a good friend "DJ Javier Montez" and he helped me focus on the correct way to set up the music. Needless to say, it worked, tons of dancing and screaming and yelling and They used an area of the Castle (the main foyer) as a nightclub and it was amazing. I haven't been this challenged by a music format ever, I'm really proud of how it went, The Bride and Groom sent a Thank You the very next day. If you want to know what it is that makes a DJ love what he does even after thousands of events, this is it. I'll never forget this one.....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Desiree and Steven at Ventana Grill, April 16th

April 16th, a great day for a Wedding on the cliff overlooking Shell Beach. Steven and Desiree are young, hilarious and wanted the incredible diversity in their Family to come through on their Big Day. They decided to book the amazing Ventana Grill event room (and The DJ for an extra hour. I have to say, great personalities aside.. this was a Dance party! Loved the space, loved the B&G and had a great time..... :)