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Sunday, June 25, 2017

June at Ragged Point Inn, Big Sur. McKenna & Dustin Got Married!

An early wedding at The Ragged Point Inn...Stunning View doesn't even begin to describe it. This place is so beautiful sometimes it stops you in your tracks. You are driving up the famous Hwy. 1 to get to the last stop before the road closes, it's June 17th, it's 75 or 80 and the sky is clear and beautiful, that alone would make you want to go. I got to be the DJ for this couple in this place on that day with almost no wind (rare in that spot) People danced, drank and had a blast with all the "stuff" we do at a wedding in 2017. Loved it and got to work with fellow CCWP member Flowers By Kim and when you check the images you'll see why she's one of the best on The Central Coast. Also got to work with Rad photographer Amanda and her crew from Heartsfoto Thanks McKenna and Dustin! Loved It