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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cypress Ridge Pavilion Party for Marion Medical Center Surgery Group

                      Sometimes events are just bound be fun at all costs! This group of medical professionals waited until after the Holidays to celebrate and chose to have their party at Cypress Ridge Pavilion overlooking the lakes of Cypress Ridge Golf  Bryan, Jodi and the entire crew did a great job taking care of all of the guests. 
                    The group maxed out the room and (along with great wine and cocktails) enjoyed a Prime Rib dinner before the dancing went into full pop. Every kind of music and every kind of person having a great time together. These people save lives for a living, it was a great Party. Thank You to Marion Medical center for all you do, we are very proud to have been part of your party. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

one of the best Retirement Parties Ever in Pismo Beach

         One of the best retirement parties EVER! .. We work with the City of Pismo Beach on so many fun events every year but this night was different. Kevin Rice has been the City mgr. for Pismo beach for as long as I can remember but his service to the Country was always part of his life with 30 years in the Army with the rank of Colonel, then on to a long Stint Traveling the world for the U.S. in China, (This guy is no joke). He is however one of the nice guys you meet so rarely when you deal with Government, a real leader who leads.
          They roasted Kevin all night with stories jokes and gifts that kept us laughing as he sat on a Gold throne."They" being people like the Mayor of Pismo, the Police Chief, The Fire Chief, City Council Members and Department Heads. All of this after a wonderful meal prepared for us by
Huckleberry's restaurant in Pismo, one of my favorite places to recover over breakfast on Sunday's (that's a big Yum). 
           We wrapped up the evening with dancing and said good Luck and Thank You to a true public servant who when I asked him at a Christmas Party in December what he was going to do after, simply said (with a smile), "I'm going to spend some time with My Wife." The best answer ever. .......DJ Bob

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TESTIN LIKE a DJ, Mixing Like a PRO

This is a test blog to verify my Blog still works for current updates, 8573562-11432-rks