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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jeff & Leah, May 28th at The Dana Powers House

This is what being a DJ is all about. Every once in awhile all the time, effort and planning just works. It doesn't hurt that the Bride and Groom were two of the best looking human beings I've ever We were set for a beautiful outside ceremony at the Dana Powers House, a really beautiful property and barn venue in Nipomo, Ca. The sun was shining and a cool breeze rolled across the beautiful farm land all around us. After the ceremony the reception was set inside the adjacent Barn which was to say the least, set up for a beautiful modern country wedding day. The flowers were perfect thanks to Flowers by Denise. The decor was stunning and the DJ was me. Now knowing how much I pride myself on the details I was horrified when I managed to mix up the order of the Grand Entrance, the Bridal party reacted in the most hilarious way possible, they would reshuffle in a hurry as soon as I said their names and the guests were laughing the whole time. The food was Done by Cypress Ridge Catering (with an appearance by a great ol' friend Stephan in the kitchen) We also had the good fortune of working with Lindsey Hahn photography who is awesome. The dance floor was packed and I pushed my new sound system to the sweet spot, (The point where any more sound would just be :) Special Thanks to Judy at Dana Powers House, she's one of the people in this business you just have to love working with. I know sometimes we make this biz seem like it's all good, but when the Client gets it sooo right with vendors, location and everything...... it's Fun with Style.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I.L.P. Graduation at Madonna Inn...... May 25th

We really try to do anything we can to help Non-profit groups who help kids. Tonight was the 3rd year in a row that we have been involved with Independent living which gives kids a chance to make independent steps forward in their lives. These are Foster kids, and the I.L.P. combines with Family Care Network, S.L.O. County probation, a ton of support from sponsors including Us, Caldwell Construction and so many more I can't remember. The night consisted of Awards, Dinner and Dancing. We even rented a small up-lighting system and with some help from Dan and Andy at Grand Central Music because of a delay in set up time, we were able to give them the same kind of vibe we shoot for at any event. Fun with style. Then we mixed good ol' Stanky leg, blow the whistle, this place is bout to blow.... jams for about 20 minutes at the end. Aaron's house, know whoo you are, I'll party with you crazy manics any time! .... Fun Night with great people

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CASA "Ladies Night Out" at Cafe Roma.... May 17th

Joining forces with a wonderful charity "CASA", a crazy fun group of movers "MEATHEAD MOVERS" and one of the best restaurants in San Luis Obispo, CAFE ROMA we created a high energy dance party that could have gone all night. Once again the event was sold out, and once again it was off the hook. Why did we do it? because it's one of our favorite charities and a group who helps kids at a time when they are usually forgotten, pushed through the system. So.... money to help kids, killer raffle tickets and prizes, Lots of crazy ladies and dancing? The most fun you will ever have doing good. If you do anything next season ladies, get tickets to this event... what a party! ............Thanks Again Aaron Steed, NICE CARTWHEEL.


Happily, It is now official,(nope, no one got married for this one),,,,,, but we are now members of the family of businesses known as THE CENTRAL COAST WEDDING PROFESSIONALS. We are excited and can't wait to see what being part of the largest group in our area will be like. :) This is like in High School when I got to sit at the table with the cool

May 15th at Avila Beach Resort, Michael and Shelley

OK......... Got a call about a wedding. Not strange in our world, But... It was Thursday and the Bride set an appointment for Friday to set up her Day,,, SUNDAY! .... These two were hilarious, A Superior Court Judge form another area presided over their ceremony looking out over the water in Avila. We should all have their attitude. They aren't 20, and this wasn't their first rodeo, but they Love each-other as much or more than any couple I've ever met. We set them up and got them a cake person "Christine's Cakes" who we knew would come through in flying colors, and she did. To give you an example of the bride and groom's connection, they never talked about a 1st dance (and didn't have a song picked out) so I suggested they each choose a song for the other. Well, they were completely blown away and in tears when they realized that both had chosen the same song (all be it by different artists) without knowing it. This was an understated, relaxed wedding with style and class. We played Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and even Sammy Davis, loved it. I left the event pretty sure this was one of the events we got just right..... in two Congrats GILL's

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vanessa & Toby at May 14th at Kaleidescope Inn

A small but fun wedding today with a big mix of locals and people from back east. We had amazing weather and the Bride's Mom was also the officiant for a very personal, warm ceremony. Even though later the wind began to put a chill in the air, people were so nice and very supportive of the Bride and Groom. The garden setting was really cool around sun-down and everyone left with big smiles and Cow-Boy Cookies as a sweet topper for the day. Mike and Marcia were the photogs, Bayou House did the catering and Shutter Bug did the photo booth. All in all it was a low key but very personal event, really nice people and a good day to be a DJ.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jamie & Monica May 7th @ Camp San Luis Obispo Officers Club

The Officers Club was Lit up with chains of white and streaks of bright color from the blue up-lighting. The Bride and Groom both had tears in their eyes as they met at the alter in the Base church. An acapella singer did the most amazing version of The Judds' country classic "Love is Alive" this DJ has ever heard. When our clients have singers I usually cringe and wait for the pain, but this was just incredible. (Carla, you need to do that for a living) The guests were treated to a huge reception with home made treats on every table as well as great food from "Sea Shanty",  We were hoping for a long wild night of partying .... lol but every event is different and after a long day (over 7 hours) The night wrapped up with lots of hugs and happy Thank You's. Special Thanks to Cindy from The Officers Club, Great Job! 

Heidi and Steve, April 30th @ Kaleidescope Inn

I had the experience of being the Music and Host for this event at one of our favorite B&B venue's. There were over 30 active military people in attendance as the Groom was active Air-Force. Heidi and Steve had the weather we all dream about sunny and warm but not hot. The ceremony was also warm and personal like so many here on the Coast, I don't know what it is that brings that out but I'm glad it does. The Bride and Groom laughed at all of my stupid jokes and when the dancing started, it was on. I put my head down and mixed for the time we had and the boys (and some finished the night with big ol' stogies. This was a good day to be a DJ