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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Palm Desert Wedding Style with Nick & Brenda at Palm Valley Country Club

                  This Wedding for Nick and Brenda at Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Desert Cal. had a touch of everything. It was emotional at times, crazy fun and especially cool because of the Bride and Groom. They even had a Giraffe, yes I said a  Everything started with an amazing ceremony on the edge of a golf course, then the guests were sent inside to a cocktail hour with a different twist on the photo booth idea featuring a hosted set with full lighting and a studio backdrop. The main room was set and ready as you can see above for the reception which began with Jazz and Rat Pack Style. After dinner the toasts and speeches were powerful to say the least in the absence of Nicks' Father who had passed. There was a place at the Family table for him and I couldn't help but feel like this was the perfect way to honor the memory and include him in the event. If you're planning a Wedding and are trying to find a way to connect a Family member, this was total class and is the way to do it. The dancing and fun went on from there ending with a sparkler lined send off to Their Honeymoon in Belize.
                 Every Bride and Groom plans for their Big Day in there own way, this fit them to a "T". I was so proud to be there, Thanks Balsamo's, Now go be Happily Ever After. :)
For everybody else, Please check out the Pic's below for Idea's.