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Monday, April 21, 2014

Clay & Lindsey Got Married, This was the quintessential Central Coast Wedding.

Clay and Lindsey enjoying their moment in the vines with the A-team of photographers

                    We are in the business of weddings, we are there to see and share so many of these events and we normally think the world of our couples. This day was no different but then again it was, Clay and Lindsey are friends of ours and Clay is also a wedding photographer and we've been on the team together for so many other brides. This had to be perfect, it had to. They had a vision for The "Modern Romantic" style that is a little different, very detailed and very personal to them. When a wedding pro gets married, they know what the day is capable of being. It has to be said they had a team of wedding pro's that was insane, we felt honored to even be part of it. they could not have done a better job matching their style to the team. If you want to see how a great wedding comes together, read on.
                    The ceremony was done by the Grooms father in a way only someone who loves you can do it. They stood under two huge Oaks at Tres Hermanas Winery, the pictures will tell the story, no one took their eyes off of Clay and Lindsey for the entire thing and the vows were a moment of their own. After the ceremony, the guests moved to another part of the winery for cocktails and fun. The music for this part of the day was a live Trio... "The Band Edison" I loved them! They did covers but with a cool flare that was awesome. (Their version of Summertime Sadness was just again, they found the perfect group to fit the vision. For our Brides planning a future Day, take this to heart, if you find the right team, you will always have the right day..:) 
                  Then came dinner, and what a meal, the food was prepared with amazing style and a flare for "foodie" flavor by Chef Mike Foley and Chefs Table Catering. This is by far one of the best catering companies on The Central Coast of California but they are more than catering, a family based team who always reach further to get it right. Becky Foley leads the service end and they have a team of people on every event with smiles and the clean cut look you have to have. they were the perfect choice for this event. 
                  It needs to be said that this wedding was coordinated by Colleen Gregory from Eventful Wedding Planning. We work with good coordinators all the time but the best ones are the glue for the event. She's one of those, she did an incredible job of balancing the very detailed ... (very detailed) vision for the day with all of the curves she was thrown and came through with flying colors. The take away for you future brides should be this, have a coordinator and allow them to lead by allowing your team to be as good as they are. She did, they did and it was amazing to watch. You have to have someone who knows your vision to make the details happen without you having to deal.        
               Then came the night!, the dance floor warmed up with couples dancing to Dean martin and Frank Sinatra while Clay and his stunning Bride went for sun-down shots on the edge of the green fields that surround this beautiful winery. When they returned we had a very cool version of a Hall and Oats classic for their 1st dance which led us to a custom recorded original song for the Father Daughter dance played and sung by her family. The other dances led straight to a night of dancing which was the crazy, insane kind of fun that makes the night seem to go too fast .... Then the grand send off in a classic 40's sedan. Watching them go was ........well, like the beginning of the real Happily Ever After. This is how it's supposed to be.  .... and now for all the details..:)

The Location: Tres Hermanas Winery, in the wine country close to Los Alamos, Ca.

The Officiant: Clay's Father

The Coordinator: Colleen Gregory

The Photography: Sarah Kathleen and Sabby                       
(please note the photo'd herein are from my phone, hers are waaaaayyy

The Food: Chefs Table Catering

The Live Music: The Band Edison

The MC / DJ: DJ Bob :) - Phase 1 Mobile DJ

String Lighting: Kramer Events

Clay and Lindsey ......

The setting was perfect for the ceremony. Tres Hermanas

The lounge under the trees at Tres Hermanas Winery

Just a look at the meadow at Tres Hermanas Winery

The coordinator Colleen gregory, (best shot ever)

Another shot from my phone.. wow

almost 200 guests enjoyed the day 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

2014 Pismo Beach Eggstravaganza with thousands of Happy Kiddo's

The pre Egg hunt event panorama at Dinosaur Park ...PISMO BEACH  
           We work with so many organizations and different cities every year and that always feels good but The Pismo Beach recreation department is one of the best I've ever worked with. Every year they are responsible for so many good events and most all are free for the Families that enjoy them and just a great time for the kids of our area. Tight budgets and normal "city stuff" could be an excuse to not make the effort on the scale Colleen at The City of Pismo does but we are always amazed at what they pull off. This time it was an Egg Hunt for thousands of kids at Dinosaur Park in Pismo / Shell Beach. (The City of Pismo team even went so far as to make sure We had extra eggs and prizes at the DJ booth for any of the kids that might miss out on their time for the egg hunts.. love it)  We teamed up with DJ Sean from BlueWave entertainment to provide fun music and all the MC stuff as we hosted egg hunts in all different age categories for the kids. My favorite Mayor, The Mayor of Pismo Beach Shelly Higgenbotham was there and working hard as a volunteer. So many cool people were involved like Premiere Inflatables (bounce houses), MR. DOG (great food), Cliff and Jan's KettleCorn (uh...yum), Costco, Pismo Fire, Pismo PD, Pismo Chamber, CHP and so many more, it was a true civic event. I'm proud of this, Good On Ya Pismo great job! Check the pics!

Just one of the egg piles at The Pismo Eggstravaganza Egg hunt

Big crowds at The Pismo Beach Eggstravaganza!  

Playground rockin' at The Pismo Eggstravaganza
Colleen from Pismo Rec with DJ Sean who teamed up with us this year at the Pismo Eggstravaganza.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Couple you should know "Stacey and Ryan" at Spanish Oaks Ranch

Stacey and Ryan's awesome engagement pic by Nichahn Nicole Photography 

                 We are the DJ for so many events with couples who live in other areas so I don't always get to meet both of them before their big day. That isn't to say we don't get to know them, the planning process still lets us get to know their style and their vision for the day. Spanish Oaks Ranch in Santa Margarita Cali. is so dang beautiful this time of year and this destination Bride and Groom had great taste in music, country, mainstream and hip hop mixed with rock and the classics, great family and friends all around and a coordinator (Kirsten) who was related to the Bride and wanted her to have the dream day (she totally delivered). The modern country romance style is popular this season, but to take that and make it cool as well is a challenge for both the coordinators and the Brides, (no matter how many times you log on to Pinterest.) This couple did it with such class and appreciation for everything and everyone around them that it made it an absolute joy to be part of what was happening. I wish this vibe for every one of our Brides and Grooms this season...... and well... every season.:)
               For our future brides reading this, the pictures and details section below will help you create your wedding day and if it turns out like this one, all I can say is wow! Remember to put a team together and then sit back and enjoy your day, this is the perfect example of what happens when you do it right. Thank You Stacey and Ryan for letting us be a part of your Day, Loved it!

Tons of phone pics below ........and now for all the details!

Location / Venue: Spanish Oaks Ranch, Santa Margarita, Ca.

Officiant: Dane Justice

Coordination: Kirsten Neice (805)-550-1392

Photographer (not phone Nichahn Nicole Photography:

Catering: Popolo Catering (Iliana-service crew / Leon-owner)

Music and Dancing: DJ Bob - Phase 1 Mobile DJ.... duh

Ist Dance: "A Thousand Years" Christina Perri

Father Daughter: "My little girl" Tim Mcgraw

The Father Daughter dance on The Spanish Oaks Patio with "Big Jim" 

IN-coming guest sobriety test... where are you?  

They worked hard and had a very romantic 1st dance.    

Gratuitous tree pic by the DJ booth..

very nice custom made cross for the ceremony

Pre event patio vibe 

The cool new fountain at Spanish Oaks

This was such a nice way to bring their faith to the ceremony.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Fun Desert Wedding! Alicia & Dominic at Hyatt Indian Wells Resort, Palm Desert, California

                                  DJ Bob - Phase 1 Mobile DJ 805-440-5504

 Beautiful decor set with our amber uplighting the the Hyatt Indian Wells.

                We are absolutely blessed to do most of our events on California's beautiful Central Coast in and around San Luis Obispo. A few times a year we get a chance to travel and do events in other areas, this time we were in the Desert at a Hyatt Resort in Indian Wells (in the Palm Springs area) which is actually where this DJ grew up. I got a chance to spend time with friends and family and see how a different area hosts events. The scale is different, the style is generally more formal but the end goal is the same, make our clients day be exactly what they want. We worked with a coordinating team from "The Bride and I" and I'll just say it, April is no joke, total class, I'll work with her team any time. She was handed a venue which is beautiful, (at times very busy) and the event locations were spread all over this huge property. She did what the best coordinators do, dialed in the flow of the event in her timeline and her vendors which kept everything on track. The Bride and Groom were young, fun and crazy with both families and all of their friends having the time of their lives. While I won't be giving up our beautiful area any time soon, it was great to see good vendors doing what they do in a different setting. Thank You to The Feist and Donati Families for including me on this amazing day, I loved being your DJ. For those of you Brides planning a Wedding, I took tons of pics (remember these are from my below and added all the vendor info from So Cal.... :) good times

The Venue & Catering: Hyatt Indian Wells Resort, Indian Wells, Cal. 

The Coordinating: "The Bride and I" ‎

The Officiant: Nick Balsamo

The Photography: Jennifer Yount

The DJ: DJ Bob - Phase 1 Mobile DJ (duh)

Uplighting: DJ Bob

Floral & Rentals: Artisan Events

April and Team from "The Bride and I" coordinating

The main outdoor ceremony site at The Hyatt Indian Wells

Absolutely fantastic Officiant Nick Balsamo
A cool look at the isle way done by Artisan Events

The table settings were really beautiful. 
Our Bride and Groom's 1st dance moment 

Live violin trio for the ceremony
Our amber uplighting with the dance floor jumping

Our amber up lighting looked amazing with the room and settings