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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend Wedding at Vandenberg Air Force Base!

                        I couldn't think of a better way to spend Memorial weekend than to DJ for a very cool couple and be a part of their Wedding Day. He is a Captain in the United States Air Force (The father of the Groom is a Lt. Colonel) and They had their day in the Pavilion on Vandenberg Air Force Base. The cool factor was turned up a notch when we drove right by a rocket on the way in and by the location and how it staged so easily for a Wedding like this. If you're choosing a wedding venue, look for things like the proximity to the ceremony (this time very close) and where the load in for your vendors will be. It makes the Day go so well when the flow of the service and the flow of the guests is easy. Talk to your vendors, they are your very best resource for a great Day. In this case it was as easy as it gets and staged so well. 
                       The ceremony (all be it wind blown :) was really nice and Pastor "Aaron" from The Element Christian Church was the officiant. This is a young and very good Pastor who really made it special for Scott & Aimee. Her Colors were White / Black with Ivory and Amber. The beautiful Pavilion behind them served as backdrop with all of the guests seated in brown and white chairs. 
                    After the Ceremony, Their guests were treated to great finger food and cocktails with a hosted bar that was set up for FUN. We played a lite mix of modern mainstream, country and top-40 while the Bride and Groom went for pictures. The Hour wrapped just before dinner with The Grand Entrance and the entire Bridal party being introduced to Macklemore's "Thrift shop" uhhhh, the clean version.:) The Dinner was prepared and ready for Guests and they took part in an over the top Tri-Tip and Chicken dinner including all the fixin's.  Mario and his crew from the Far Western did an amazing job as always, some of the best BBQ I've ever had at a wedding. That's the biggest compliment I can give.... lol 
                        The dancing was about as fun and off the hook as it gets at a wedding!  the format was everything main stream and funky, with high energy dance, old-school and even a little country thrown in. We even ran overtime because things were going off and well, they didn't want to stop! The Bride and Groom did everything right to make this night amazing! This part of the night was very important to Scott and Aimee and if your planning a wedding, do what they did, be fully involved and part of the party. When the Bride and Groom are present and having fun, the whole party just works. This was....... as we say, "FUN with Style!" Thank You Scott and Aimee! You made us feel like we are part of your family through this entire process. And now....... Go and live happily ever after, that's an order Captain! :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kai & Lisa, Surrounded by History at The Santa Maria Inn, May 25th

                         Kai & Lisa are such nice people, I really wanted their Wedding to be exactly what they wanted, which was low key but still Fun with Style. They chose to get married in the classic courtyard behind The Santa Maria Inn which was originally built in the 1800's. The officiant was great, he actually walked out into the guests to do a big part of the service and it gave it a nice, connected, personal touch. You can reach Him for your Wedding at The History of this place is both interesting and all around you. I hadn't been back to do an event here in years, and they've really improved the entire property but what I was most impressed with was the quality of the service. The new Event contact is Stephanie, (you can find her at She kept things moving and was remarkably nice, and very professional. I was also surprised to see the Photographer was a pro from Arizona who actually lived here many years ago and was part of the Central Coast Wedding Professionals, A group I am proud to be part of now. David fought the Memorial Weekend Crowd to shoot this Wedding. You can reach him at
                        The music and dancing was Christian mainstream mixed with requests from the guests and some classic party songs. All in all this was a very nice day with a good crew of vendors who did a great job. Thank You Kai & Lisa!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jesse & Theresa Got Married, May 18th, This One Was a Blast!

             What do every Bride and Groom Want? FUN.... That's what! This wedding was so fun and so perfectly matched to the Bride and Groom it's hard to imagine anything better. The event was held on a private Ranch in one of the most beautiful areas of San Luis Obispo. The hills were covered with waving grass and the tent was about the size of a football field, huge! If You want to do a tent correctly, make sure you use a pro like Got You Covered, they can do amazing things. ( ) and with a tent this big, it's good to have a crew with the ability to go BIG.
           The guest list was over 300 with a blue green color that looked awesome as you entered the tent. Once again we were paired up with Jaime & Chris from CJN EVENTS  and the team of vendors also included amazing Photographer Tom Meinhold and a crew of servers both from CJN and Mateo's BBQ and Catering (E-mail We provided uplighting (with some help from Epic Ent. Thanks Anthony!) and The photo-booth was provided by Snap Cubby .
             What made this event  so good was the connection the Bride and Groom had with their guests, they truly wanted to have the day be about every single guest and their place in the couples life. This was cowboy hats and boots meets beauty and style all the way. Chris and Jaime, the coordinators kept things running perfectly while we kept the music going with Country, Southern & Classic Rock, oldies and later we hit the mainstream dance music to keep the floor jumping till late. The Bride and Groom were so deserving of a great Day, and it was exactly that. Thank You Jesse & Theresa for allowing us to be part of such a big and wonderful event. :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Valerie & Spencer at The Officers Club 5.11

                     Sometimes there is such a thing as a perfect day. These two had the best weather ever at The beautiful Base chapel on The Camp San Luis Obispo Army base built in 1940 for their ceremony and as the day went on things were just getting better. Reverend Mike Brewster  performed a beautiful ceremony which included the sincere joining with lots of laughter and The "L" word.
                     For the reception We joined forces with Jamie & Chris from CJN Event planning to create a vibe that completely transformed the Officers Club, We've done many events together and it's always a good idea to have a great Coordinating team. This venue was built in the 20's and is just oozing with history and Taffy at Camp San Luis is the contact for the venue, you can reach her at (805) 594-6500. She's has been able to improve on that History with some great new looks for the space and decor. We used a Gobo (above) to create their initials in light behind the head table along with beautiful pink accent / Up-lighting. The entire venue looked amazing.
                     The guests were served a great Buffet style meal from Phil's Catering. Cathy and the crew did a fantastic job as usual in time and on point with food that rocked. You can check them out at
                     The dancing went on into the last hour with Dance, Hip Hop, Country, Rock and mainstream with the feel of a small club. It's really fun when a Bride and Groom are so involved in their own event, it shows their personality and allows the guests to get caught up in the energy. If you're planning a wedding, take a tip from this Dj, make it a point to be in the moment and part of your day. When the Bride is dancing and having fun, the entire event goes better and that translates to a better feel for the Day.
                  I really liked this Bride & Groom and with the good team of vendors they used, this was wonderful day. Taffy at Camp San Luis is the contact for the venue, you can reach her at (805) 594-6500  Good Planning!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Modern Country" In Style and So FUN!. Austin & Megan 5.14.13

                 Austin and Megan got married, May 4th 2013  

                 This Wedding was Modern Country awesomeness, from the creative and sometimes Romantic vision of the Bride and ending with The Big Day playing out to perfection. This Bride called us just a month before her Date and was just about as sweet and flat out lovable as they come. We were happy that we had her date available, (all be it the only Saturday We had open for months.. :) ). She asked us to do a site check with her at a Private Ranch Estate in Templeton, California in the Paso wine country area of the Central Coast. The Ranch was being transformed into a private Wedding venue just for her day. The "Modern Country" Wedding is a signature of our area and this Bride wanted it to be amazing.
                 The pics above show some of the details of the day, warm and beautiful with the creativity of the event evident everywhere. The Ceremony took place on a lower meadow beneath a huge oak tree. The Bridal Party was hauled in by unrestored 1940's International Pick up and hay trailor, followed by the Bride in a Restored, gorgeous Ford Model A. The whole ceremony was presented by Pastor Brian Stuper who gave what I can only describe as one of the most personally connected and warm ceremonies I have ever had the honor of witnessing. Austin read his vows to Megan who had tears in her eyes as she read her vows which just showed how she felt about Austin.
                 The guests were treated to a massive country buffet with the main dishes prepared by Robert from RC BBQ & catering ( ). One of the cool touches at this Wedding was each guest was asked to bring their favorite side dish and with 200 guests you can imagine the food that was available, this was no Pot Luck pic-nic, it was incredible. I have to hand it to Robert, the Groomsmen, The Family and Day Of coordinator Kay because they staged the food buffet to look well, awesome.
                 The music and dancing went on into the night with every kind of music and even a Flash Mob dance set up by the bridal party. The custom outside dance floor rocked after that and it was like being back in my club days mixing for a crowd that just goes off, So fun. We even mixed in country line dancing which was perfect considering how the the Groom Austin loves country dancing and that was one Groom who could dance. The Photographer Jessica DeFranco showed me some of the pics as she went and WOW will they ever be amazing. Thank You to our "Over and above" day Of coordinator Kay, she was the glue that made this day what it was, great job.  :)