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Friday, August 11, 2017

A Simple Elegant Monday Club wedding on a Thursday - Nelson & Angelica

                 This was a challenge     
                 A challenge that I met with lots of hours learning about another culture and the music and tradition that comes with performing at a wedding for a Bride and her family from Sweden and a Groom with roots from San Salvador and Mexico. 
                  Now, I grew up as a DJ playing southern California bilingual crowds and I love the ability to make people happy no matter what. (I also have the good fortune of being good friends with one of the best Bilingual DJ's on the planet, Javier Montes who has schooled me many times on how to build playlists for Spanish speaking groups) Thanks Suave
                 Now...... take all of that and add the fact that the Groom and his family are good friends of ours... and he was a music producer and DJ for many years and knows mixing and music as well as anyone. We even had live hip hop performance by the best man who is an up and coming flow master with a huge following.
                 Add to all of that that I was also the Officiant for these two, (a huge honor that I don't take lightly) and don't do very often and I was a nervous wreck, this had to be perfect, no points for second. This was a lot to take in as a DJ :) But I got this and it turned out awesome. 
               The ceremony was so cool, just simple and perfect. So... with that done, here we went.
The playlists were all over the map Cumbia, Merenge, Swedish Rock, Swedish dance pop, American Hip Hop & R&B, 70's & 80's just everything. 
              What I Loved most was seeing two completely different groups of people blending cultures, families and futures all in a night where the whole point was to be there to celebrate this couple.. and did they ever. 
                 Once again I'll say it, The team was the glue that made this great event go. Thanks Nelson Jr. and Angela, Loved it and you.  

Here's the team that made this happen:
Music, Lighting, Officiant, and DJ .... Dj Bob
Photography - Jillian Parks (The pics below are from my phone hers are much
Food and Service Staff - Phil's Catering
Venue / Location - The Monday Club
Day Of Coordination - Anne Johnson Events
Live Musical performance - Ivan Cestoni