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Thursday, October 21, 2010


I was given the advise "Give back, pay it forward by donating your time and ability when you can and you'll always have work" I took it to heart and with my friend Aaron (C.E.O. and co-leader of Meathead Movers) who I believe is one of the best at this, We agreed to be the music and dancing for "Girls Night Out" at "Native Lounge" in S.L.O. on Tuesday Night the 19th.of October. This was the most fun I've ever had doing good, raising money for the Court Appointed Special Advocates, The red carpet treatment for the ladies turned out to be the set up for a Packed dance floor all night. The guys hosted and kept the ladies entertained while raising money in a huge way. The other big point I would like to make is this, if you have not been to Native Lounge or if you "hear" less than positive things, Give this awesome lounge and night club a chance. The staff was great, The service was totally professional, the property was clean, well kept and beautiful. I can't say enough about how impressed I was with the whole night. I truly enjoyed the night, The Native Lounge(I will be back)  and every part of this wonderful event.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Wedding Fair, 10.17 Madonna Inn

                  I wouldn't normally blog about a wedding fair, but this one was awesome! We saw over 250 Brides in one 5 hour show and the response has been great. Good Job Central Coast Bride!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kyleen and Brian, Avila Beach Resort

A big wedding at great venue! Avila Beach Resort 170 guests and an amazing day on the green by the Ocean. The ceremony was simple and looked over the harbor at Avila, afterwards we had a blast in a huge horse shoe tent. Linda and Anne Marie from the resort were the best as usual and the whole thing had the flair of a warm happy day. This was simply a good day. 

Sara and Derrick 9.18 The Canary Hotel

The Ceremony was on the roof of the Canary Hotel looking over Santa Barbara and was special for many reasons but even more because The Brides brother Brad was the officiant. He was terrific, warm and funny in a way only your brother can be. I have to say The Groom Derrick is one of the coolest people I've ever met and with all of the great people all round the two of them, this was bound to be one of our best Weddings of the year right form the start. From Hot Rods and tatoo's to Social Distortion and deep club music until late this thing should be on the cover of Style magazine. The food was wonderful and the photog was our great buddy April Wise who is always a smile waiting to happen. I have to make one point, This Bride by the way was an event planner who I had seen do great work. She (knowing the difference) chose a coordinator in Santa Barbara named Kelly Clark Leonard who's company "Event of The Season" is very well known in the affluent demanding area of SB. She was in a word awesome! She and her crew were professional and so good at what they did, it made my job easy and the entire event was seamless. I use that term "seamless" to describe the very best, if it looks easy... it's difficult and you know a pro did it. The Hotel was such a nice break, and we cannot recommend it enough   Whatever happens, this Bride and Groom will always be friends of ours and we feel so blessed to have been the DJ for their big day.

Kim & John 9/5 In Cayucos

When you are a DJ,  the best compliment you can get is a return customer who remembers how fun your events are. Then there comes the Family that makes you an institution for all of their events over the next few years and you become part of that tradition. I have some of those wonderful people as clients and this wedding was one, She had seen me DJ for one of her sisters, (she's a triplet) and it was on. Kim and John had a wonderful beach Wedding  with "Sprigs and things"   doing these amazing flowers that set the day up for everything. We then moved inside the Vets Memorial Hall for the reception, Gary from Design Street catering did an awesome job with the food and Nicole Bordato came all the way from Canada to shoot the entire event. Everything from Oso Matli to Biggy and Tupac kept the dance floor jamming until the end of the party. This was a great event.... so cool and sooo different.

Justin and Julie, 8. 28 Avila Beach Resort

The big Party, that's what I call this one. The ceremony was on the beautiful green grass of the resorts golf course and was presided over by sitting Federal Judge. They were a very fun, very cool couple who just wanted the tent at Avila to be a dance party and so it was. The photographer was the incredible Cameron Ingalls who does magic with his camera. I like working with Cameron because he is this huge talent with a very down to earth way of doing his thing. The Cake was beautiful and was done by Cassie's Cake, They had great food and provided by Linda, Anne Marie and the whole staff at Avila Beach Resort

Kate and Zac, 8.21 at Eagle Castle

The coolness of Eagle Castle Winery,  A warm day with a Bride and Groom who to say the least had great personality. Just shy of 100 guests were fed a great meal in the main hall following a ceremony up on the beautiful decks at the top of the castle. Roxanne is the event coordinator for the Castle and she is as professional as they come. I love seeing a true pro because it just comes out looking seamless, it makes all of the vendors jobs easier to have a coordinator like her. This Bride and Groom had a cool style and warmth that came out in the party with dancing under the stars all the way to the happy end on the outside patio. This was such a fun day with Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, B.e.p, and lots of Cup Cakes! Amy did a killer job with the gormet cup-cakes  and Ken Kieno was the photographer and is such a good guy with a great talent for what he does. Once again, April Flowers did an amazing job, We really enjoyed the entire staff of vendors

Nicole & Jeff, Aug 14th ......WOW!!

I have a hard time describing how much I loved this wedding. First, I got to work with Niki and Jonelle from "Events Redefined"  this is in itself awesome. The Bride and Groom? He's a great big country guy with his beautiful country girl right there by his side. This event should be the standard by which all Modern Country Weddings are set. The tent was on a pasture outside on an amazing day in San Luis Obispo. The Cole Cattle Co. hosted the event and could not have been a more perfect setting. The ceremony was under one whispy little Oak that was growing side-ways to find the Sun, the guests sat on hay bails while a wonderful guitar player and singer sang perfect country ballads by Chris LeDoux and George Strait. If you're looking for the real deal country performer, his name is Ron Miller. Now, at this point you could be picturing the best country style event ever, but wait there's more. The dancing was mix of Classic Country, Modern Country, Rock, dance and party music which kept the dance floor jumping till late and then I got to sit around a huge fire with all the guests and listen to Ron play country classics.... the perfect wrap to the perfect night. A great group of vendors did a great event,  Ribline did the food and Bella Castle did a great job with the pics. 

Josh and Cierra, August 8th in Cayucos

The best weddings are the one's with friends and family who love the Bride and Groom in a beautiful place with great everything. This was one of these and I really enjoyed it. They are such nice people and it was a pleasure to see how much they cared about each-other. The ceremony was on the beach just outside the Vets Memorial Hall and the reception was set inside with all the fun and 80's dance music and top-40 you could ask for. Thank You Josh and Cierra...    The food rocked, Mama's Meatball's gave us the awesome italian and I love working with them every time  ......yum!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brittny & Ryan, July 25th Private residence in Shell Beach.

Wow, a wedding that began with the Grand entrance hi-lighted by the soundtrack from The Good, the Bad, and the the Ceremony was on the cliff overlooking the beach and the reception was right there in a wonderfully decorated tent. The style was modern and cool and the Bride and groom were to be truthful, good friends of mine. Britt is a beautiful, sweet person who married a great guy. I loved this event because they covered every angle they used Open door photography  .... I really enjoyed working with them again and they were a great match for this bride. I also liked the food by Phoenix Fine catering, prime rib ...ohhh yea.  Shelly and Michael did a wonderful job as usual. The whole event came together perfectly with lots of work and they Danced.... did they ever dance. DJ Bob 

Mackenzie & Adam July 24th, at Holland Ranch

The mood of a Wedding, the air of a new beginning. They don't always go as planned and yet somehow, we always seem to find a way to salvage the point, the point that says Two people got married today. Mackenzie and Adam have a vibe, they affect everyone around them in a happy positive way. I take great pride in making people laugh and find humor in so much of life but I rarely laugh as hard or as often as I did with these two. The dancing part of the night took a back seat to the positive energy and friendship these two have. Nothing seemed to matter, the wedding was set in a beautiful  valley surrounded by mountains, facing the sun set. The reception was outside next to the most inviting barn you've ever seen. Katie Disimone was the photographer and that means they'll be remembering this day with images that will be stunning. This was the warm fuzzy one for this year, I won't forget it soon. Have a happy life you two, you deserve it.    

Lacey & Jared, July 23rd at Avila Beach Resort

Ok, Sometimes it's personal! We're lucky, we meet so many cool Brides and Grooms.. but Lacey and Jared are just awesome! I have to say, we haven't seen the last of them yet. They got married on the beach in Avila Beach by Mike Metcalf with amazing color and a casual style you can only get on a sunny day in the sand in California. The reception moved to Avila Beach resort With over 125 guests (over 1/2 were teachers and or coaches) in attendance the smiles and laughter were just overwhelming. We did a hilarious roast of the Bridal party and that energy rolled into a really fun event. If I could just give every Bride and Groom one look at how it's supposed to be, this would be it. They were so relaxed and so fun, it made you want to be around them. I envy them, and I'm proud to say we had a part in this day.    DJ Bob was there!

Ethan & Felicia July 31st at Old Spanish Ranch

I loved this wedding! I got a call last minute from another DJ to cover an event when their DJ/friend of the Family fell out for Family reasons. I was luck enough to have the date open so We quickly set an appointment with them and dialed in all the plans they had been working on. I really enjoy working at Old Spanish Ranch and this Bride & Groom were as cool as they were fun. This was a mix of Modern Country and Old School from the 90's. The ceremony was under a huge Oak and the Bride walked to the song "Two is better than one" by Taylor Swift. The dancing was off the hook, I got a chance to mix classic 90's R&B and Hip hop (which I Love) and the energy in the room was awesome. Their family and friends came together to make this happen and I could not have been happier until the next couple of days because I received no less than three separate calls telling me how happy they were. Even the DJ (GY Ryder) who connected us got a call to tell him how great it all went. WHAT A DAY! ....     

Summer and Daniel July 17th at Santa Margarita Ranch

Every event has it's own style, if  you get it right it's yours and these two went to extremes to get it just right. The modern country style is simple, but requires the perfect venue and they had that, Santa Margarita Ranch. The history of the Mission inside the barn is unreal. Imagine your guests walking into your reception in a huge American style Barn only to see the original walls of a California Mission era church being protected by the barn. The original Wells Fargo Pony Express stop for that area is right there on the property and they even have one of the original Disneyland Park trains which can be used to show your guests the property (No Really) This Bride and Groom had their ceremony in this historical barn and then spent a warm day outside with their guests. The entire event was handled wonderfully by Amy and her crew from Fancy's Events, we love working with them and when you add Phoenix Fine catering to the list of vendors, the food is great. I want mention the Photographer as well, Calyton Austin came all the way from Texas to shoot this event and he doesn't know it but he is a Central Coast person waiting to His style is very much along the lines of our favorites here, Jeff Newsome, Cameron Ingalls, Ashley Blake, to name a few. Well to wrap this up, this Bride and Groom did it, they got the style they wanted, Theirs! DJ Bob

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jessica and john Sunday night, July 11th on the ocean in Shell Beach.

Just when you think you have done every variety of event, someone comes along and changes the entire deal for Take two extraordinary people who are both uber-intelligent and on their way to a very successful life together, add in Salsa music and swing dancing and stage the whole thing at a beautiful venue like Ventana Grill in Pismo Beach It seems like we spent the entire night laughing, The two Families were great together and could not have been any nicer. We even took a break and took the entire wedding party out-side to watch the sun go down, what a great moment. John and Jessica finished up the night on the dance floor, clubbing it up with all their freinds. This was our third event in three nights and was the perfect way to wrap the weekend, Congratulations to John and Jessica and have a wonderful life together..... :)

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 at Kaliedoscope Inn

Adrian ( a highly decorated Marine) and Zaira had an all out Wedding "Party" Saturday night!
 One of the coolest events we've done at Kaliedoscope INN in Nipomo,  .I love playing to crowds who are bilingual and we were able to work Oldscool, Cumbia, Banda, Top-40, Romantica, Club, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, even 80's Rock with a good dance floor going to over 200 guests. The best part was how happy Zaira and Adrian were at the end of the night. Kaleidoscope is a great place to get married and Ana Kapa / Bayou House did the food, it was great as usual, and we love doing events with their staff.   What a night, and another very cool couple....    :)

July 9th, 2010 ..Friday Night with Creston 4H

What a blast, This is our second year helping with the fundraiser for Creston 4H club. We get to be part of one of the biggest Family events of our year. The way the entire town turns out kids and all, it's unreal to get to do an event with such a REAL vibe. country, rock, dance, event the chicken

Thursday, June 24, 2010


What do you get when you combine two professional entertainment company's, a massive sound and lighting system, The biggest venue in SLO county, a huge group of AG teachers from all over the state (over 650+) and bring them together for an ESPY style awards banquet honoring Teaching excellence in agriculture? It was the best all out party this DJ has had the honor of spinning this season. I have to say, at this point in my business, I could not have pulled this event off so easily without help from two good friends and their company Bailey Entertainment.  The dance floor was off the hook all night and the bar was jammed all the way to last call. Chris and Dionne were able to create the most amazing scene's with color washes and moving head fixtures making a blank event center into the biggest ESPN set ever. The teachers deserve every bit of praise for what they accomplish every day of their careers and we all felt great being able to provide a high energy, fun and stylish night out for them. Wow! what a night.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey there, These are the links I didn't put in correctly from the last post.       

Kim & Dillon at Spanish Oaks Ranch

I always love doing events at Spanish Oaks Ranch, it has it's challenges but for shear Central Coast Beauty it is beyond great. I had a wild Bride & Groom from Paso Robles and it was really something. We had one of the best weather days ever and when you put Rachel and Mike Larson together on an event as photographers and then bust out with a sunset to remember..... all I can say is WOW. Their photo booth added fun to any second of downtime we were able to squeez out and Jack Hutchens did the videography . The group stayed late into the night dancing to every mix I could throw down and I loved it. When you blow a speaker and don't care, that's a great dance All kidding aside, This bride and Groom and all of their Family and friends made me feel like I was part of the the group. This was a very fun night.  ....... :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Cliffs Resort wedding of two exceptional people

The Cliffs Resort  is a great place and Anna and her staff make it a great place to get married. I have been the DJ there for more weddings than I can remember. However, I've never had a Bride and groom like these two. She is a young veteran, badly injured in Iraq who has the most amazing story of recovery. He's also a veteran, who's recently lost his Grandfather but counts himself lucky to have had Him for so long. Now that could have been the story but it isn't. They met after their service in a veterans club at college. I was there to see two young, happy and amazing people have the Cliffs Resort wedding of their dreams. With everything they've been through they could have been so lost or angry or sad but No, they are happy attractive people who cared as much about their guests as they do about themselves. Every once in a while, people have an effect on even Me, This season has been the year of the exceptions. We worked with David Pascolla Photography who was so easy to work with and fit the vibe perfectly. Carlocks bakery  made the cake and reached the OMG level.. again as usual. Jessica from did a great job with the Flowers as always and the Guests danced in a beautiful tent from Gotcha Cover'd  

Zenaida Cellars

On June 5th we were booked for a small wedding at Zenaida cellars with a couple (Jim & Rebecca) who new exactly what they wanted, small, fun and personal. The style was perfect at Zenaida, they are a small winery in size but the warmth of the event came from their wonderful staff. We provided sound for the ceremony on the lawn under a Big Oak Tree which was surrounded by grape vines as far as you can see. After wards the guests were welcomed into the tasting room and patio area for drinks and social time. The meal was set in the barrel room and was perfect as usual when you work with Anacapa BBQ / Bayou House that's how it is, we love working with their crew. After dinner The guests were treated to dancing under the stars and the entire event was wrapped up in perfect style. We also got to see Lara from Harbor Floral do her thing and again it was perfectly designed and delivered for our B&G. Loved this event

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday Night / Saturday Morning with Mission Prep

The creative way the boosters and parents put together last nights event was really cool. They opened up Kennedy Sports Fitness metro-plex for the kids at around 10:45 and The Mission Prep graduating seniors came to enjoy with a full casino experience, photo booth from Mike Larson  ....,  
on-site artists doing Henna tattoo's, caricatures and local business' gave more prizes than we've ever seen at a event like this. We mixed until 4-am and then gave away gifts to the Seniors until 5am. Brett at Kennedy Club Fitness was amazing in his support of the kids as always. http// 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday's a great day for DJ'n at Madonna Inn

We spent a night with I.L.P. and the Foster Kids as they celebrated the High School graduation of some of the strongest "kids" I've ever met. Every year we donate several events to groups like C.a.s.a and Foster kids. Along with us was the Photo booth king himself SnapCubby. The kids had a blast taking photo's of themselves in the coolest retro booth you've ever seen. The rest of the night was Dancing like a mini club at Madonna Inn. It's easy when the kids are so cool, they're all faced with challenges we couldn't begin to imagine and yet they work for their own future. I feel blessed just to be part of this event, Thank You Guy's. ..... If you want to check out how cool the photo booth was, it's at

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hitting the streets!

Any day is a good day, but especially when you can go out and build new blocks in your own business. I have two very cool friends who are taking huge steps towards their future, by going into the restaurant and bar business for themselves. I can't tell you much at this point but let's just say, I am so jealous and happy for them. Now, back to today, meeting with brides and grooms, going out to see a couple local event managers and meeting with our buddy Kevin Linson at signs in Slo.   to set up our new branding and promotion set up! I'm even dragging DJ Chris from Bailey Dj's with me
This is a good DAY!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


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DJ Bob's Event Blog

DJ Bob's Blog,
This is the first entry for our new blog and we're excited to begin blogging away about our very busy wedding business. We did over 50 weddings last year and have seen a slightly lower number of events this season but have had the best events of our career. .......................OK... Here we go!
The last event we did was a very cool Wedding for Amy and Carl from The L.A. area at Alisol Ranch Golf Resort in Solvang. This was our first visit to this venue and the food was as good as any we've ever had at an event. The staff was awesome and Susan the coordinator was "On it" in a word ///awesome. the song of the night? OMG = Usher. The event ran over because we just couldn't stop, what a party! Dancing under the stars .... Loved every minute of this huge event.