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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cheri & William Wedding reception at The Gardens at Peacock Farms

                     This Bride and Groom chose "The Gardens at Peacock Farms". GPF is not just a Garden, they're amazing, warm and inviting...... in a word, ......."Paradise" with a Central Coast vibe. Brides & Grooms are able to create their day with some fun and creative accommodations like a "Manland" prep area for the Groom and his Groomsmen. There is also a Brides Suite just off the main Garden that allows for some very special moments....without missing anything. The Chefs working here are hidden from the main Gardens but very close to the Guest area, that allows for wonderfully fast service at the appropriate time. Everything is so well thought out that even the DJ or Quartet can drive right to the performance area allowing for quick load in and out. The entire garden is draped with string lights and permanent up lights for the evening portion of the events. If your Dream is a Garden Wedding with Style this is your place and it was for Cheri & William.
                     The Gorgeous Bride had her traditional Catholic wedding in the Mission, allowing for a full mass with all the respect payed to her Catholic heritage. A Franciscan father in full Friars robes performed the ceremony and joined us later at the reception to bless the Meal and the event. The guests were directed to GPF for the Reception afterwards beginning with "Peacock Cellars" wines, Sangria and various other cool drinks. One creative touch was the large three tier service presentation with pink lemonade and cool water in mason jars ready for the guests to grab 1st thing as they walked in, what a perfect way to start the Reception.
                     After a welcome and the Blessing, the guests were treated to seated and plated meal served by MaMa's Meatball.   ...... I do many events with them and I always laugh at the quirky name but the food speaks for itself, outstanding. Nicola and his beautiful Wife were there to make sure every detail of the service was up to their standards and the their staff did a good job from start to finish. It's this kind of hands on approach to service that makes for Great Weddings.
                     With over 200 guests from all over The Fresno area, the music was all over the map and The Brides request list included, lots of Country, Classic Rock, Spanish, Hip Hop and Old-school. The biggest dance floor of the night was the last hour where we connected with Cumbia, Banda, and Merengue which was even rocking people who didn't speak Spanish. All in All, sometimes a DJ does have to be all things to all people.
                       The real star of the show was The Bride, with a beautiful little daughter sharing every minute of the joining, but I still have to give it up to the Staff and crew at GPF. Jessica, Logan and Danica, Thank You.... and Thank You to Cheri & William for letting us be part of a great day!   ...........DJ Bob


Monday, April 15, 2013

Kayla & Neil got Married in Modern Country Style at Windfall Farms

                   Windfall Farms, the "Farm" built for Horse Racing's most expensive pure breads is now one of the most beautiful Wedding venues in California. The multi million dollar horse stables are now hosting beautiful Weddings surrounded by picture perfect horse pastures and the still active horse training areas are full of stunningly beautiful horses. This was Saturday, April 13th and it was everything Every Bride & Groom are hoping for when they plan their big day.    
                   When we first met Kayla and her Mom, the plans were already in full Go mode, they wanted the Modern Country vibe and the music was going to be huge part of it. I really liked Kayla and she talked about Neil like he was larger than life, so this was going to be fun! Both are very cool, very real and very good shots, competitive shooting is their world and they Love their guns! they even had pics all around the room done by Amanda Kline, the modern progressive photographer who can put a killer twist on any event and even included one engagement shot of them with pistols out!
                     The ceremony looked out over this "Farm" and was breezy, warm and beautiful with music from the Twilight soundtrack ushering a gorgeous Bride to her waiting life. The horses were running in the background with Their friends and family looking on from the green lawns in front of the stables. Afterwards the guests were treated to Country Music and Cocktails in the converted bar area just inside a Huge sliding entry surrounded by Glass panels to allow for brilliant light. Afterwards the group moved to the inside dining area and a wood fired menu created by MaMa's Meatball. The food including Prime Rib was really good, really really good. the wine was Eberle and included several  selections.
             The entire event was made even more amazing with Flowers by Kim. She did what she does so well, that it set this event off. From the center displays to bouquets,................ She just nailed it, see the pic below! That's why we like working with her every time. 
                     It would be wrong to forget the event specialists who are the life blood of these kinds of days, right from the 1st vision of the Bride to the execution of every detail. Windfall Farms is represented by Megan, handling every detail and accommodation with a totally pro way of doing things. The main event coordinator was Christina from Heald Wedding Consulting. She's a seasoned pro from The Sonoma area who now calls the Central Coast home. Her experience showed right out of the shoot and never slowed down, I love it when a team of professionals is allowed to do what they do best and is headed up by a great team leader who's entire goal is to Make the Bride and Groom happy, That's how a Wedding should be done....... DJ Bob

Lori & Chris, The Elegant Santa Barbara Wedding with a Tennessee Twist

The main reception area was beautiful
at Montecito Country Club near Santa Barbara.

                    We like to travel when the chance arrives and when The Brides Mom found us through a another wonderful client we had done two weddings for, We jumped at the chance to work In Montecito, about an hour and half away from our Central Coast world. We were paired up with a coordinator we knew well,  Kelly Clark Leonard who owns "Event Of The Season" event coordinators in Santa Barbara, Ca. She does very elegant, very stylish weddings and events throughout Southern California and the Central Coast. 
                    The client was a destination couple who live in Huntington Beach but have football and college connections from all over, with the Brides father being a very well known College Football Coach. Having said that, we focused everything on the Bride & Groom for their day.
                    The ceremony was hosted on the lawn over looking The Santa Barbara area with music provided by a classical quartet who were amazing to say the least, playing almost entirely music from this century.... loved it! The Organic String Quartet is the name of this group,  (You can Email them for info at ) 
                    With all of the wonderful venues in our area, this was a very elegant break and The Bride and Groom had a great team of vendors providing the style and feel they wanted for the entire event and The Venue was a big part of that. Loved it, even the Tennessee fight :) .....DJ Bob